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VDO Panel Version 1.3.1 Released.

Today, We’re happy to announce the release of the VDO Panel, Version 1.3.1.
Major Update Included in Version 1.3.1

✅ Added: YouTube downloader feature to download videos to your filemanager on channels
✅ Added: YouTube feature to restream live from youtube on your channel directly
✅ Added: WebTV Restream recording feature has been added under WebTV Management tab
✅ Added: Drag and drop from file manager to playlist
✅ Added: FTP info has been added and short cut from playlist management to file manager page
✅ Added: Show duration time for videos for playlist and media files in Playlists Management and Playlist Scheduler and View List pages
✅ Updated: Geo database on local server
✅ Updated: Goaccess to latest version 1.5.2 for improvement and fix several bugs
✅ Updated: Social Stream page with notes for how to use and active the service
✅ Improvement: Improve statistics with big files to work in cron job 2 time during the day and improve statistics loading
✅ Improvement: Change widget to be ifream and few code and one line to be more easy for clients and works without problem or conflict.
✅ Changed: admin login URL to /portal
✅ Changed: Added colors for each login page [ admin - reseller - administrators - broadcaster ] for distinguish
✅ Changed: Set default page for the main URL instead of the admin login form
✅ Changed: Default playlist in Scheduler is not longer set auto after deleting it or delete any nonstop playlist scheduler from the Playlist Scheduler page
✅ Fixed: FFMPEG issue in Centos8 for restreaming from URL feature
✅ Fixed: Broadcaster portal logo in file manager page if was under reseller will appear reseller logo
✅ Fixed: Several bugs in reset passwords functions
✅ Fixed: On Centos7 removed static ffmpeg and removed from yum and install ffmpeg 4.2.4 by compile source
To Apply Update
Login to your server via SSH Root login is a requirement, the installation will not function if you are not logged in as root or have sufficient sudo privileges.
Now Run the following command:
vdopanel update
Apply New Update from admin GUI Portal
As always, all kinds of feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you, enjoy.
VDO Panel Team